MK Medical Center staff are well trained individuals in their field and include:

Board certified physicians
Board certified physicians assistants
Board certified nurse practitioners
Certified and registered nurses
Certified Medical Assistants
Certified Basic X-Ray Technician     

Our competent and friendly staff are concerned about
patient satisfaction and their well being!

At MK Medical Center, we are medical professionals who enjoy our jobs!  We are well qualified to treat your medical needs and
we respect and truly care for our patients! 
MK Medical Center ( MKMC ) Qualified Board and State Staff
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  • American Board in Emergency Medicine
  • American Board in Family Medicine
  • Orthopedic Residency Trained
  • Qualified Member With The American Society of Bariatric Physicians
  • Research fellow, St. Luke's and Roosevelt Medical Center,    
  • Colombia University, New York- In Obesity, food related, prolonged Q-Tc interval in EKG.
  • Presented Studies in a National conference in Washington DC
  • Qualified Member With American Academy of Family Medicine
  • Qualified Member With American Academy of Emergency Physicians
  • Urgent Care Association of America               
  • National Society of Cosmetic and Plastic Physicians
  • American Association of Physician Specialties

Botox treatment Tampa Bay.
School or Sports physicals - Pinellas County - Come to MK Medical Walk-in Clinic in Palm Harbor!
Weight loss Program to help you loose those unwanted pounds.
Non Surgical Lipo Vaser Shape
Knee Joint and Back Pain Therapies - Joint Therapy - Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy  is the latest in Joint Therapy!
Available right here in Palm Harbor Florida!

Aesthetic Center &
Joint Therapy
MK Medical Center can treat your pain on your schedule, saving you time and money!
Dr. Nagy Farag - Medical Director
Rachel- Medical Assistant

Mariam - Office Manager
Marian - Staff Clinician
Dr. Nagy Farag, MD  -  Qualified Board and State Physician
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Palm Harbor, Florida
Weclcome to MK Medical Center (MKMC)
Kirillos- Staff Technician Consultant
Kristen- Medical Assistant
Jessica - Medical Assistant

(727) 422-4545