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NAC-OSCE/ MCCQE2 Course details:

The NAC-OSCE/ MCCQE2 course isdesigned to advance your knowledge on physician tasks, History taking, and physical examination approach. It willhelp to improve your medical knowledge andextend your clinical skills. Our outstandinghigh qualified teamphysicians will help you sharpen your skills and make you familiar with the situations and questions you are likely to be asked in the exam by examiners.This course focuses on:

  • Data Gathering & Interpretation: understanding how to approach various cases, what physical examination should be done for each case and how to answer post encounter questions.
  • Empathy Situations: Our Instructor explains how to display Clinical Empathy.  You will learn the Basic Understanding of Empathy for both Adult and Pediatric encounters.  After the discussion, you will practice your skills.
  • Practice of multiple Unique clinical scenarios and receive individualized feedback by a Staff Physician on 100% of your cases.
  • Time Management Training and the right clinical approach: Interview, Closure, Counseling, and Challenging questions.
  • Discussion each case scenario – individualized for each student via one-on-one interaction with our Staff Physicians.
  • Different Encounters practicewith Challenging Emotions and Questions.
  • Assess your clinical knowledge and skills related to Patient encounters.
  • Review Complex Clinical Scenarios: Blank Entranceway,Sexual Abuse, Test Result, Abortion, Domestic Violence, Child Abuse, Depression, Hallucinations etc.
  • Communication Skills Training: focusing on specific areas of your weaknesses.  You aregiven specific scenarios that may challenge you in the real exam.
  • Clinical Empathy Skills practiced with various scenarios.

During the course, we will help you identify weakness area and opportunity for progression as you prepare for exam day.

Course Subjects

The subjects that will be covered in our NAC-OSCE/ MCCQE2 course are:

  • Medicine/ Preventive Medicine and Public Health
  • Surgery
  • Pediatrics
  • Obstetrics and Gynecology
  • Psychiatry

Course Types and Duration

Master Knowledge Medical Center provides 4 kinds of NAC-OSCE/ MCCQE2 courses:

Extensive live NAC-OSCE/ MCCQE2 course

Given in one of our locations (Canada, USA, or Overseas). This course is based on a core curriculum focused on high-yield history taking skills, physical exams approaches, and exam-style challenging/ counselling questions. It last for 10 sessions, 2-3 sessions/ week, each session last for 5-6 hours. For more details review our Courses Schedule.

NAC-OSCE/ MCCQE2 Online Prep Course

Through skype or Zoom in… both single individual or group online sessions. Our course lasts for 12 sessions, each session last for 3 hours.For more details review our Courses Schedule.

Intensive NAC-OSCE/ MCCQE2 Review Workshop

Focused on high-yield, exam-relevant topics MCQs. This course Last for 2 weeks, 3 classes/ week. (total 6 sessions). For more details review our Courses Schedule.

Intensive NAC-OSCE/ MCCQE2 Physical Examination Workshop

Based on high yield topics and mock exam MCQs. Last for 2 sessions, each session last for 6 hours.For more details review our Courses Schedule.

All our courses can be repeated once with no additional cost. If you take additional courses with us, you will qualify for a promotional discount. For more information about the courses fee and discounts Contact Us Today.

What course is the best choice for you?

What course is the best choice for you?

To decide what course is the best choice for your personal need, you need to think of:

How much time do you have till your exam date?

What are your medical knowledges and your clinical skills level?

What are your areas of weaknesses and strengths?

We can assist you to evaluate your knowledge and needs, contact us and let one of our expert faculty members help you.

Our course goal:

In order to achieve success in NAC-OSCE/ MCCQE2 Exams, you should establish the integration of a medical knowledge, a Data interpretation, and a decent Communication Skills. That’s why Master Knowledge Medical Center’s Approach insists on creation of this bond.Our expert high qualified team physicians will provide you with high-yield, clinical scenarios situations with the most relevant content and up-to-date history tacking methods and physical examination approaches to help you prepare for those exams and to pass them with highest score that you can achieve.

About NAC-OSCE, MCCQE2 Exam:

NAC-OSCE :The objective structured clinical examination (OSCE)  is an act test that assesses a candidate’s clinical ability while participating in a series of standardized patient encounters.

Throughout the OSCE assessment, candidates complete a sequences of clinical encounter stations where they interact with a standardized patient. At the beginning of each station, they receive a brief written report that explains the presenting clinical scenarios and the roles of a candidate. Candidates should accomplish each presenting case as they would in a real-life practice situation.

It is a one-day exam that evaluates the knowledge, clinical skills, and attitudes essential for entrance into postgraduate training in Canada. It includes problems in:

  • Medicine
  • Surgery
  • Pediatrics
  • Obstetrics and Gynecology
  • Psychiatry
  • Preventive Medicine and Public Health


MCCQE2:Medical Council of Canada Qualifying Examination (MCCQE) Part II  is a two-day clinical exam that assesses competence, knowledge, skills and attitudes essential for entry into independent clinical practice.

Candidate must take and pass the MCCQE Part II to obtain the Licentiate of the Medical Council of Canada (LMCC). Canadian medical regulatory authorities may require you to have the LMCC to apply for a medical licence within their province or territory.

Candidate need to pass the MCCQE Part I before you can apply to the MCCQE Part II.

The exam, based on the Blueprint, evaluates your performance across two wide-ranging categories:

  • Dimensions of care, covering the spectrum of medical care
  • Physician activities, reflecting a physician’s scope of practice and behaviours


Just want to thank MK team for the immense support and education that I have received from them. I am very pleased that I decided to get a tutor at MK medical center. It took a huge weight off my shoulders! Not to say that step was easy to study for, but MK certainly eased the burden. My tutor and I developed a study plan for me to work on. He was pretty encouraging and realistic about if my goals were achievable and what I would need to do. I’m so happy with my score in MCCQE and NacOsce exams! 

Thank you, MK team, for all the hard work, patience and encouragement!.

Dr Ahmed S.

“Dear MK team,

You have been a corner stone in my life. You came in a time when I wanted to start a new chapter in my medical career. I joined NAC-OSCE course and it was a wonderful experience. Actually, it was more than that. You gave me all the support and help I needed, and I’m very grateful for that.

My experience here gave me a confidence boost that makes one feel indestructible. The clinical skills I learned here and the medical knowledge I got at MKMC, helped me to pass the NacOsce exam with an amazing score.

Thank you MKMC, you are now a pleased chapter in my life”.

Fatima S.