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USMLE Step 2 CS “Clinical Skills”

Course Details

The USMLE Step 2 CS course isintended to advance your knowledge on physician tasks, History taking, and physical examination approach. It willhelp to improve your medical knowledge anddeepen your clinical skills. Our outstandinghigh qualified teamphysicians will help you sharpen your skills and make you familiar with the situationsyou are likely to be faced in the examday.This course focuses on:

  • Data Gathering & Interpretation: understanding how to approach various cases, what physical examination should be done for each case and how to write a proper Patient Notes.
  • Empathy Situations: Our Instructor explains how to display Clinical Empathy.  You will learn the Basic Understanding of Empathy for both Adult and Pediatric encounters.  After the discussion, you will practice your skills.
  • Practice of multiple high yieldclinical scenarios and receive personalised feedback by a Staff Physician on 100% of your cases.
  • Time Management Training and the right clinical approach: Interview, Closure, Counseling, and Challenging questions.
  • Discussion each case scenario – individualized for each student by one-on-one interaction with our Staff Physicians.
  • Different Encounters practicewith Challenging Emotions and Questions.
  • Assess your clinical knowledge and skills related to Patient encounters.
  • Review Complex Clinical Scenarios: Blank Entranceway,Sexual Abuse, Test Result, Abortion, Domestic Violence, Child Abuse, Depression, Hallucinations etc.
  • Communication Skills Training: focusing on specific areas of your weaknesses.  You aregiven specific scenarios that may challenge you in the real exam.
  • Clinical Empathy Skills practiced with various scenarios.
  • Patient note writing techniques: our team will review your notes, advice you about how to write/ print your note.

During the course, we will help you identify weakness area and opportunity for progression as you prepare for exam day.

Course Subjects

The subjects that will be covered in our USMLE Step 2 CS courseare:

  • Medicine/ Preventive Medicine and Public Health
  • Surgery
  • Pediatrics
  • Obstetrics and Gynecology
  • Psychiatry

Course Types and Duration

Master Knowledge Medical Center provides 5kinds of USMLE Step 2 CS courses:

Extensive live USMLE Step 2 CS Course

Given in one of our locations (Canada, USA, or Overseas). This course is based on a core curriculum focused on high-yield history taking skills, physical exam approaches, Patient note writing Techniques and exam-style challenging/ counselling questions. It last for 10 sessions, 2-3 sessions/ week, each session last for 5-6 hours. For more details review our Courses Schedule.

USMLE Step 2 CS Online Prep Course

Through skype or Zoom in… both single individual or group online sessions. Our course lasts for 12 sessions, each session last for 3 hours. For more details review our Courses Schedule.

Intensive USMLE Step 2 CS Review Workshop

Focused on high-yield, exam-relevant topics MCQs. This course Last for 2 weeks, 3 classes/ week. (total 6 sessions). For more details review our Courses Schedule.

Intensive USMLE Step 2 CS Physical Examination Workshop

Based on high yield topics and mock exam MCQs. Last for 2 sessions, each session last for 6 hours.For more details review our Courses Schedule.

Patient Notes Writing Technique Workshop

Last for 2 sessions, each session last for 5 hours.For more details review our Courses Schedule.

All our courses can be repeated once with no additional cost. If you take additional courses with us, you will qualify for a promotional discount. For more information about the courses fee and discounts Contact Us Today.

What course is the best choice for you?

What course is the best choice for you?

To decide what course is the best choice for your personal need, you need to think of:

How much time do you have till your exam date?

What are your medical knowledges and your clinical skills level?

What are your areas of weaknesses and strengths?

We can assist you to evaluate your knowledge and needs, contact us and let one of our expert faculty members help you.

Our course goal:

In order to achieve success inUSMLE Step 2 CS Exams, you should establish the integration of a medical knowledge, a Data interpretation, and a decent Communication Skills. That’s why Master Knowledge Medical Center’s Approach insists on creation of this bond.Our expert high qualified team physicians will provide you with high-yield, clinical scenarios situations with the most relevant content and up-to-date history tacking methods and physical examination approaches to help you prepare for those exams and to pass them with highest score that you can achieve.

About USMLE Step 2 CS Exam

Step 2 Clinical Skills (USMLE 2 CS)is an exam administered to medical students/graduates who wish to become licensed physicians in the U.S.

The USMLE Step 2CS exam consists of a series of patient encounters in which the examinee must see standardized patients (SPs), take a history, do a physical examination, determine differential diagnoses, and then write a patient note based on their determinations. The topics covered are common outpatient or Emergency Room visits which are encountered in the fields of internal medicine, surgery, psychiatry, pediatrics, and obstetrics and gynecology. Examinees are expected to investigate the simulated patient’s chief complaint, as well as obtain a thorough assessment of their past medical history, medications, allergies, social history (including alcohol, tobacco, drug use, sexual practices, etc.), and family history.

The test is graded on a pass/fail basis, without any score associated with it. Examinees are scored on three separate subcomponents:

  • Communication andInterpersonal Skills (CIS)
  • Spoken English Proficiency (SEP)
  • Integrated Clinical Encounter (ICE)


“I joined USMLE CS course at MK medical center and I would like to share with you guys my experience. Before getting this course, I had difficulties about how I can take a proper history, what are the important questions that I should ask, how can I manage my time… I’m so frustrated and despaired. I asked others for help. One of my friends advise me to join this course at Mk center.

This course was amazing. I learned various Patient approach strategies, time management tricks and advance communication skills that made me pass the exam without stress or difficulty.

Thank You MK team for all support”.

Lin S.

“As an IMG Doctor, passing the USMLE exams with high score was crucial for me. I recognize that getting usmle courses with MK medical center was one of the best decisions I have ever done. ​My instructors helped me to accomplish my goals. They gave me all the strategies that I needed to create a solid clinical knowledge and skills.

 Recently, I passed my CS exam after I got an amazing training course under supervision of MK team. In that course I learned multiple tricks regarding how to ask important questions and do physical examinations in a very short time while you are under exam stress. It was a fantastic experience and I strongly recommend to everyone that wants to do USMLE exams”.

Remya K.